A Sampling of Acquisitions and Other Results of Our Work

Dreamers and Pioneers: Aeronautical Events Prior to 1914

Genesis of Flight (Published Book and Online Program)

World War I and the Interwar Years: 1915 – 1938

Charles Dolan Collection (Member of Lafayette Escadrille: Acquired Collection)
Leigh Wade Collection (Round-the-World Flight of 1924: Acquired Collection)

World War II: 1939 – 1945

A.P.Clark Collection (Stalag Luft III: Acquired Collection)
Eagle Squadrons Collection (American RAF Pilots: Acquired Collection)
Wilson Edwards Collection (WW II Pilot, Eagle Squadron Member, POW: Acquired Collection)
LeRoy Gover Collection (WW II Pilot, Eagle Squadron Member: Acquired Collection)
Yvonne Pateman Collection (Women Airforce Service Pilot: Acquired Collection)
Evade: Evasion Experiences of American Aircrews in WW II (Published DVD)
James Doolittle Collection (WWII Pilot, Aviation Leader: Published Online Program)

Technological Advances and Limited Wars: After 1945

Reade Tilley Collection (WW II Ace, Berlin Airlift, Strategic Air Command: Acquired Collection)
Hubert R. Harmon: Airman, Officer, Father of the Air Force Academy (Published Book)
Lance Sijan Collection (Vietnam Fighter Pilot, POW, Medal of Honor: Acquired Collection)
Expect Great Things: The First 50 Years of the Air Force Academy (Published DVD)
Falconry at the Air Force Academy (Published Book)
What Ought We Be? The Story of Falconry at the Air Force Academy (Published DVD)
Oral Histories (Published DVDs, Books, Compendium)
Graduate War Memorial Wall Project (Created Online Database)
Graduate Prisoner-of-War Project (Created Online Database)

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