Research Fellowships

To promote increased scholarly awareness and use of the rich materials available in the Clark Special Collections Branch of the McDermott Library, The Friends established and funded a program of Clark-Yudkin Research Fellowships named for Lt. Gen. A.P. Clark and Maj. Gen. Richard A. Yudkin.

Research fellows are selected annually to receive grants ranging from $1,000 to $15,000. Recipients are expected to complete their fellowship research within one year from the date of the award. The expected output of a fellowship is a scholarly book, thesis, or paper worthy of publication.

Fellows and their topics include Dr. Catherine Newell, investigating how dreams of space flight became a part of American culture during the nineteenth century; Dr. Sharon Raynor, studying African-American graduates who were members of Vietnam Era classes at the Academy; and Dr. Samuel Baker, writing on the Academy’s part in “Desegrating College Football, 1945 – 1975.”

The works of these and other Clark-Yudkin Fellows reflect the remarkable breadth of scholarly materials available in the McDermott Library and promote awareness of these materials among civilian and military researchers.

These fellowships are funded entirely by The Friends.

How Do I Apply for a Fellowship?

Clark Yudkin Fellowship instructions and application
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