Current Projects and Services

To enhance the quality of the Academy Library as an educational, research, scientific, and cultural institution and to preserve information of special significance to the Air Force and the Academy, The Friends conduct numerous projects and provide services in areas like these:

Graduate Commemoration: The Friends of The Academy Library has made a commitment to being a premiere Academy organization in recording and preserving the heritage of the Air Force Academy.

Acquiring artifacts and documents related to the heritage of the Air Force and the Academy.

Sponsoring Clark-Yudkin Research Fellowships to produce professional studies based on resources of the McDermott Library.

Assembling and maintaining databases on graduates who have given their lives in combat, been prisoners of war, or been rewarded for distinguished acts or service.

Processing collections. Specialists under contract to The Friends help with the immense tasks of cataloging, digitizing, photographing, and preserving rare and highly valuable collections, and making those collections accessible online

Supplementing McDermott Library staff to host reunions of honored aviators, luncheons for library supporters, and exhibits of library holdings in areas such as the Eagle Squadrons, Stalag Luft III, the History of the Academy, and Southeast Asia Prisoners of War.

Your support will help The Friends conduct projects and services like these to benefit the McDermott Library.

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