Friends Honor Book Commemoration

The Friends offers a special opportunity for those who wish to honor individuals, organizations, or groups of individuals. For a minimum donation of $50 a handsome certificate will be placed in the Friends’ Honor Book. The Honor Book is displayed in a prominent location in the Clark Special Collections of the McDermott Academy Library where it is readily accessible to cadets and visitors by special arrangement.

This is an ideal way to give special, perpetual recognition to a classmate, fellow crewmembers, a friend, a team, or an organization of special importance to you. The honoree(s) need not be military or deceased to be commemorated with an Honor Book Certificate. To date, more than 1000 individuals, units and organizations have been commemorated. Honorees include participants in virtually every American conflict as well as a wide variety of other individuals to include Academy faculty/staff and spouses, USAFA cadets, and graduates; other service personnel; and family members and friends.

Copies of typical Honor Book Certificates can be viewed by clicking Sample Commemoration Pages. The Friends encourage you to give serious consideration to participating in our Commemorative Program by completing and submitting the Honor Book Commemoration Application Form also accessed here: Friends of the Air Force Academy Honor Book Application. View the Honorary Index Here.

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